16th Francophone Summit in Madagascar

Antananarivo hosted the Summit, bringing together mostly French-speaking nations

December 01st, 2016
Danai Tsitomenea, CD News

Over 30 heads of state and government from around the world attended the 16th Francophone (Fancophonie) Summit in Madagascar. The conference came to an end on November 27th, after two days of members’ discussions, with a call for more cooperation to strengthen their support to prevent and settle conflicts.

During the two-day event, the main subjects that dominated the participants’ discussions were equal growth and responsible development, which could contribute to peace and stability among not only the member nations but in the world as well.

Michaelle Jean, the Secretary General of the group, called on member countries to be further united in the fight against terrorist threat. He noted that the institution plays a major role on the global political scene and that its objective is to be an indispensable partner for international organisations in the resolution of global crises.

“We countries of Francophone, paid a heavy price. Therefore, this summit has been an opportunity once more to reflect precisely on the situations we face and a need for greater sharing of our experiences, our means and information”, he added

Moreover, the group embraced efforts to maintain peace, security, stability and freedom as well as safety of navigation and aviation in the region. “We are going to stand in solidarity with the rules of Francophone in the defence of the rights of women, it is important, in the employment of young people, vocational education, and in terms of economic development”, stated Malagasy president, Hery Rajaonarimampianina.

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, as a defender of feminist and homosexual rights, which are not respected in some Francophone countries, called for respect of minority rights. He added that Canada is also determined to use this important forum to call for the respect of human rights, values of democracy, the rightful place of women and girls in the society, and the respect of diversity.

New Caledonia was admitted as an associate member and Argentina, the Republic of Korea and Ontario (Canada) as observers, raising Summit’s total number of members and observers from 80 to 84. The next two Francophone summits are expected to be held in Armenia in 2018 and in Tunisia in 2020.


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