“60 years of Germany-Malaysia Friendship”

The Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs inaugurates an exhibition that relates the History of the diplomatic relations between the two countries

July 12th, 2017
David Schwengler, CD News
2017_07_12 Malaysia and Germany.jpg

The exhibition “Diplomacy@60: Then and Now”, which was held until the 15th of July in Kuala Lumpur, showcases the youthful beginnings of the Malaysian diplomacy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Dato Seri’ Anifah, the current Minister of Foreign Affairs gave a keynote speech during the inauguration. He celebrated the diplomatic History of Malaysia and honoured the friendship and cooperation with the 18 countries that were the firsts to have diplomatic relations with the country, Germany being of them.

The exhibition had booths dedicated to each country. It offered a good review of the historical diplomatic relations between Malaysia and other countries. The Head of Mission of Germany in Kuala Lumpur has hosted the Minister in the “German” booth. It was a good way to celebrate the 60th year of bilateral relations.

As a current example of the German involvement in Malaysia, there is the financial support of the German embassy to the Malaysia Social Research Institute (MSRI). It aims to help the NGO in its so-called “Elham Project”. It consists to support the skills and employment development of refugee women, living in Malaysia.

Thanks to this funding, Germany helps the refugees and asylum seekers from minority communities in Malaysia. The embassy disposes of an annual budget for the promotion of small development projects called “Micro Project Fund”. It addresses to the immediate needs of people and contributes to the social and economic development in a sustainable manner. Malaysia and Germany have good relations and cooperation also this relationship relies on the collaboration between embassies and the civil society within such projects.


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