A Dior's Theatre in Japan

Follow in the Japanese steps of the Dior collection's trip around the world

June 23rd, 2016

Le Théâtre de Dior arrived in Osaka, on the 11th of June 2016 and will stay there until the 25th of June. The creations of the famous French couturier, Christian Dior, have travelled around the world and after stopping in China and Dubai, they have stopped in Japan on Shukusai place.

Le Théâtre de Dior is a visual account of the famous brand to show its most famous creations in miniature hand-made dresses. This exhibition celebrates the work of the Dior house from its beginning until now and offers to the eyes of the spectators a beautiful show of tiny animated mannequins. It is also an homage to another exhibition that took place during the World War II in Paris.

The exhibition includes the famous Bar dress created in 1947, the beautiful Mexique made out of golden sequins and the Miss Dior covered in flowers. The delicate creations perfectly recreate the original dresses, showing the infinite savoir-faire of the Dior employees. Visitors will also see the different products of Dior including their perfumes.

House Dior collaborates more and more abroad for fittings or exhibitions. For instance there are now shows six times a year in the United States. Dior follows the evolution of the wealth of the planet and now also deals with Saudi Arabian and Russian families.

This kind of exhibition exhibits a positive image of France and of house Dior abroad. Besides, this idea of exporting dolls as a cultural diplomacy is not new for the French people. Indeed, during the 18th century, the couturier of Queen Marie-Antoinette, Rose Bertin, exported the French trends to Poland, Russia and all over Europe using dolls wearing miniature dresses. What if diplomacy was as simple and easy as it was in the past?


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Julie Essertel, CD News