The World Humanitarian Summit

„A discussion about the broken aid system“

May 30th, 2016

The UN summit in Istanbul to talk about the aid system and about the prevention of new trouble took place the 24th of May.

The main topic discussed during the Summit was the way world powers respond to humanitarian crises, which seems to have been defined as “broken” by the world leaders in Istanbul. In the first place, the UN World Humanitarian Summit would last only one day (Tuesday the 24th), but some delegates pushed for a larger overhaul of the system. As Winnie Byanyima (Executive Director of the aid group Oxfam International) said, “It is shameful that rich countries are moaning, complaining, sending refugees back, and cutting deals behind their backs… We want to see rich countries step up to the plate, absorb refugees and give them opportunities in their countries”.

The central document shared during the meeting, is a list of core commitments such to use global leadership to prevent and end wars, to uphold the norms of humanitarian law, and many more. Despite the commitment and aim shown by some delegates during the debate, the commitments contained in the document are non-binding, which therefore make it a declaration of intent and not action. Among the several participants, we find the UN Deputy-Secretary-General and Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, HL leaders from all over the world, Member States and Stakeholders.


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