A History of Latin American & German Relations

The Importance of the LAV Company in Building Relations between EU and CELAC Enterprises

June 09th, 2017
Rachel McCave, CD News
2017_06_09 A History of Latin American & German Relations.jpg

The Lateinamerika Verein e.V. (LAV) is a company designed to connect German and Latin American businesses. Headquartered in Germany, the organization focuses on providing German business owners with resources and information on exploring business opportunities in Latin America; more importantly, LAV focuses on promoting not only economic, but also political and social relations between businesses in both regions.


This “knowledge-transfer” is a space in which business ideas from varying cultural backgrounds can come together in a way that is mutually beneficial while exchanging components of their cultures. Each year, LAV hosts a “Latin America Day,” a conference designed to further German-Latin America relations and business partnerships. During this annual conference, representatives from both private and public sectors come together to network and exchange experiences about business, entrepreneurship and politics. Along with this event, LAV has also been hosting a gala dinner since 1949.

The role of a private enterprises in facilitating sociocultural and business relations between Germany and Latin America has been exemplified by the work being done by CELAC for 50 plus years; cultural diplomacy can be productive not only in foreign ministries, but also in board rooms. By creating ideas and building businesses together through LAV, cultures, creative ideas and financial dreams can mingle in a way that fosters better relationships between people of German and Latin American backgrounds.


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