A Toast to 50 Years of US-Singapore Friendship

Washington State Dinner Celebrates Diplomatic Ties

August 10th, 2016
Cristina Stoica, CD News

August 2nd, 2016 - Singapore and the United States celebrated 50 years of diplomatic ties. President Barack Obama hosted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the White House for the first time in three decades.

A strong bilateral relationship has developed since diplomatic ties were formally initiated 50 years ago. While toasting each other, both leaders applauded how far the two countries have come and agreed to continue their collaboration. President Obama pronounced while toasting Prime Minister Lee, "Let's continue to build something special together." This statement build on a call PM Lee made last year to Singaporeans when he was sworn in after the General Election. "Onward, Singapore - Majulah Singapura. Onward, America. Cheers. Yam seng."

While toasting to Mr Obama’s presidency, Prime Minister Lee hailed the leadership and governance of the American President, adding that he was impressed by Mr. Obama’s interest in Asia. Prime Minister Lee stated, "I remember my first meeting with you at the Senate. It was May 2007. You were in the midst of a hard-fought presidential campaign, and not yet the front-runner for the Democratic nomination. But I was struck by your focus, your informed interest in Asia and your desire to cement America's role in it,"

Prime Minister Lee further praised America’s engagement in Asia. He state: "You seek to build a world where countries can prosper together. You make common cause with others to fight the problems which plague mankind, be it extremist terrorism, poverty, Ebola or climate change. That is why 70 years after the Second World War, America is still a welcomed power in Asia."

Approximately 200 officials attended the event including attendees from Wall Street and Hollywood. Singapore is the first Southeast Asian country to receive this honor under the Obama presidency.


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