African Rhythms in the Netherlands

The largest multicultural festival in the Netherlands is preparing to start again

July 06th, 2017
Ioana Bolboacă, CD News
2017_07_06 African Netherlands.jpg

For several weekends in a row, until the 6th of August, people can enjoy the richness of cultures and diversity in different forms of art, in the Nelson Mandela Park in Amsterdam.


The Kwaku Festival, beginning on the 15th of July, will include various musical groups, fashion designers, crafts, arts, and food will energize and make the Netherlands more colorful during. The Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa invites everyone to honour, taste and get in touch with this country at the Welcome Reception as part of the festival.

The Kwaku Festival was initially, in 1975, a Surinam festival but it developed into a multicultural one over the years, the former significance of “kwaku” being the emancipation from slavery. At first, the festival was a soccer tournament during the holidays in Amsterdam Zuidoost. As the visitors were mainly the habitants of that area, the festival gained a touch of multiculturalism right from the beginning. In time, it evolved into the largest multicultural festival, gathering around 1 million visitors, both from Amsterdam and from all over the Netherlands.

From music to sports, film, literature, dance, food, meetings, the activities revitalize the weekend days for four weeks every year, giving a feeling of unity in diversity to all the people participating. Each year, the festival has a different theme, enabling everybody either to know more or to discover different cultural identities and, therefore, to expand their understanding of the world.


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