African Start-up Reimagines African Legends in New Mobile Games

The African Start-up Company Leti Arts launched its first mobile game “Africa’s Legend” in an attempt to spread African folklore worldwide

August 10th, 2016
Giorgio Malvermi, CD News

Africa’s Legend, taking inspiration from Western comics and games, attempts to educate people about African heritage. Indeed, just like Marvel and DC have brought back to life Greek and Norse mythology with characters such as Thor, Superman and Wonder Woman, The African developers at Leti Arts aim to sponsor their own myths through web comics and mobile games.

The game, developed three years ago by the African Start-up Leti Arts, has been downloaded more than 50,000 all across the globe, and is available both for Android and iOS. Although the main plot is very simple – African superheroes fight super criminals in modern day Africa – the idea behind the brand is ingenuous and can be an excellent instrument to sponsor Africa’s folklore worldwide.

"The West has demonstrated a great success with the Greek mythologies as well as the Nordic myths" says Leti Arts' CEO, Eyram Tawia. "This is what Africa's Legends is going to do for us - bring our rich culture into the 21st century."

Just like DC revived the iconic Greek myths of Prometheus and Odysseus with the Superman and Batman’s franchise, Leti Arts is the first company ever to put African culture into comics and games. In game, the player will find characters like Pharoah, an Egyptian pharaoh who has been awakened from death by a cosmic event, or Shaka Zulu, one of the most influential Zulu kings in history.

The game, other than entertain the player and give him hints over African heritage, should also challenge him to discover more about Africa, such as health and social issues in the African society, or as Tawia stated: "Imagine scenarios where Africa's Legends educates Ebola hit countries on unsafe burial practices or Africa's Legends combats unsafe waste management causing cholera through dumping of raw sewage." If such an objective will be achieved, then Africa’s Legend would lead the way in a new and innovative way to spread culture in Africa.


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