Africa's New Social Network

Talent2Africa, the Platform that will Change Africa's Labour Market

June 15th, 2016

In May 2016 a new social network was launched in order to gather all African people on one recruitment platform. The main target is the African diaspora in France and beyond, those African people who currently live abroad and 'still dream about Africa', says Chams Diagne. 

Talent2Africa (T2A) was founded in May 2016 by the Senegalese Chams Diagne, former director of the African branch of the professional network Viadeo. Talent2Africa is a platform promoting recruitment by cooptation, by creating connections between talented Africans and companies recruiting in Africa. The CEO of T2A also leads Facilitor, a network which helps companies in Africa to promote their image and to increase the recruitment of African people outside of Africa.

Chams Diagne, who holds a diploma from the Institute of Marketing and Distribution Management in Lille, established the headquarters of his startup in Dakar and Paris. 'We had the idea of creating the Talend2Africa network because we realized that most quality recruitments that we carry out on Facilitor are originally recommended by our own network contacts. Through this platform we want to increase and automate the recommendation process but also reward those who help us in finding talents on a day-to-day basis.' explains Chams Diagne on the website of his startup.

Talent2Africa is a labour platform that is going to increase interaction between all African people, whether they live in Africa or abroad. The CEO expects 200 000 users in the next five years. These people will be able to recommend one another to employers and to share job offers, thereby promoting the African labour market. Those who recommend the right candidate to a company will even be rewarded by 500 to 1000 euro depending on the level of experience of the recruit.

The website relies on a platform which is 'more African, trendy words of mouth, more selective and exclusive, intended primarily to the diaspora.' The diaspora gathers around four million people in Europe, with two million of them in France. This idea could compensate for the lack of qualified candidates in Africa and develop relationships between the French Africans and Africans in Africa. 


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Julie Essertel, CD News