Afternoon with Benin Ambassador

Cultural exchange and experience on a Saturday afternoon at the Embassy of Benin in Washington DC

July 07th, 2017
Nadine Dinh, CD News
2017_07_07 Afternoon Benin.jpg

A special diplomatic and cultural event will be hosted on Saturday, July 22nd 2017, at the Embassy of Benin in Washington, DC, United States.


The Embassy of Benin in Washington DC is opening its doors: you will be able to spend an afternoon into the heart of Africa and discover the culture of Benin. This is the perfect opportunity to take a glance on countries organisations and learn about African cultures.

On this unique Saturday afternoon, you will be able to get to know native food, drinks, music, cultural dance, fashion but also film from Benin. It is a cultural and diplomatic event in which you will be honoured by the presence of H.E. Ambassador Hector Posset.

For the price of 49$ which is less expensive than a flight to Benin, it’s the chance to experience foods prepared by a native Chef with a special buffet. An typically Benin open bar with native beer and other African wines.

Taste will not be the only sense that will be satisfied during this afternoon thanks to a special musical and dance presentation of authentic Benin tribal. The Embassy also arranged an art presentation of traditional Masks and other Fabrics. Then a cultural film will show the beauty of Benin’s cities, mountains, landscapes, people, etc. Finally, the diplomatic staff will be there to answer questions and discuss the Embassy´s work and activities.

This event is a rare occasion to get to know another culture at a special place which is an Embassy. It’s a nice way to spend your week-end discovering new taste, music and art. The presence of the Ambassador gives a great opportunity to exchange and have a fresh perspectives on the work embassies and diplomatic missions abroad.  


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