Algeria Turns Towards Renewable Energies

Two New Electrical Stations Boost Renewable Energies in Algeria

April 21st, 2016

The electrical production in Algeria has just increased thanks to the opening of two new electrical stations in April: the first one produces 20 MW and the other produces 60 MW. This is one more step towards the goal that the Algerian Minister of Energy Saleh Khebri has set last month at the 6th North African Petroleum Exhibition & Conferences (NAPEC) Forum in Algeria.

The aim is to carry out the National Renewable Energy Program (NREP), that is to say “the integration of renewable energies into the national energy mix constitutes a major challenge in the preservation of fossil resources, the diversification of electricity production ways and the contribution to sustainable development”, explains plainly the website of the Popular Democracy of Algeria. To achieve this, Mr. Saleh Khebri has launched an invitation to all investors in his speech at the NAPEC Forum. Besides, he unveiled the areas that will host the first power stations: 15 wilayas du Sud and Hauts plateaux. For instance, the first two that have just came on stream are in those areas.

Both the Algerian Minister of Energy and the Prime Minister explained that these projects already have far-reaching consequences, because the stations are not only going to provide Algeria with a greatly needed energy but will also tie new relationships between national and non-national operators. Indeed, Mr. Khebri provides for a production of 22,000 MW of electricity for his country from renewable energies in 2020 and another 10,000 to be exported. This surplus of energy will compensate for the important increase of domestic consumption, for instance it increased of 5.2% between 2014 and 2015. This increase of domestic consumption has forced Algeria to develop all possible resources, from fossil to renewable and to nuclear energy. An energetic mix is even to be expected in 2030-2035.

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