Allianz Sponsors “Hybrid Plays - A Cultural Translation Program” to Promote Intercultural Integration

A series of innovative plays were sponsored by Allianz to promote European integration

July 08th, 2016

The project, which runs from January to October 2016, is based on the idea of a hybrid form of theatre where new techniques will be developed to converge intercultural perspectives ultimately aimed at shaping European identity.

Allianz Kulturstiftung for Europe, the foundation created to focus on the potential that lies within Europe’s youth and culture, has organised an exciting series of events that will see playwrights from different countries translated into other languages. Project partners will create three hybrid plays based on existing ones from their respective countries. Subsequently, both writers and performers will participate in workshops where they will experiment with hybrid plays and multilingual practices. The ultimate aim is therefore to create awareness of new intercultural theatre practices and how they are to be developed.

The plays are performed in the Italian cities of Rome, Milan and Viterbo, in the Montenegrin city of Cetinje, and the in the Norwegian capital, Oslo from January to October 2016. Project partners are the Festival Quatieri dell’Arte (Italy); Outis, Centro Nationale di Drammaturgia (Italy), Ass. Cult. Nutrimenti Terrestri (Italy), ATCL, Associazione Teatrale fra Comuni del Lazio (Italy), Zetski Dom Theatre (Montenegro), KHIO, Kunsthogskolen I Oslo (Norway).

The Allianz Kulturstiftung has a long history of organizing cultural events promoting integration amongst EU members. Founded in 2000, the non-profit organization has sponsored artistic, cultural, and education projects in this spirit, with a special emphasis on projects that involve young people. The aim is to make a lasting contribution towards increasing the sense of togetherness and facilitating cultural dialogue within Europe.


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Laura Serra, CD News