American Embassies located in Italy Promote Cultural Diplomacy

Italy hosts numerous events and festivals organized by North, Central and South America’s representatives to foster mutual understanding

June 27th, 2017
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The diplomatic network that connects Italy with Embassies in the American continent aimed to promote the dissemination of American culture and arts in multiple dimensions, seeking to stimulate cultural cooperation and spread all the different languages that are spoken in the countries that constitute this huge territory.


On the one hand, these events highlight the uniqueness and differences of each culture, and on the other hand, they reveal the affinities that link people to other peoples – particularly significant since American countries have received migratory flows from the most diverse of origins.

American Embassies located in Italy actively promote cultural diplomacy. Cultural diplomacy is an important instrument for the bringing together of peoples, contributing to open markets for the cultural industry and to the establishment of cultural and linguistic bonds. It is also a tool to stimulate political and economic dialogue, for it fosters mutual understanding and creates trust, interest, and respect among nations.

The diffusion of culture abroad is undertaken by the cultural sectors of Embassies and Consulates, which have the responsibility to coordinate with foreign cultural institutions, including universities, museums, film festivals, concert halls and theaters. For this reason, all the Embassies organize different and various events within the Italian territory and some of them are remarkable.

The Rome Chamber Music Festival is one of Rome’s most important cultural events that the Embassy of the USA promotes every year in Italy. The Embassy of Peru arranges the participation of a Peruvian movie to the “Roma Cinema Fest” in order to increase the understanding of Peruvian culture in Italy and worldwide.

As another example, the Embassy of Mexico in Rome organized a meeting with Federico Navarrete Linares, from the Institute of Aesthetic Research of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He gave a lecture at the Mexican Embassy in Rome entitled "Two monuments for the end of the world: The Sunstone and the Coatlicue." This was carried out within the framework of the "Chair of Mesoamerican Studies" of the Program of Mexican-Italian Cultural Collaboration.

In order to achieve the cultural objectives, the Foreign Ministry of Brazil and the Brazilian Embassy in Italy rely on the Annual Program of the Cultural Department, the Joint Committees for Culture, and the Executive Cultural Programs. The Embassy also promotes Brazilian literature through the translation and publication abroad of national writers. Works of several Brazilian authors– classic and contemporary – have been translated into Italian and other foreign languages with the support of Itamaraty.


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