Architecture Fostering Diplomatic Ties

Vietnam and Republic of Korea celebrating their friendship through cultural exhibitions

August 29th, 2017
Nadine Dinh, CD News

Hanoi and Seoul are collaborating together for the 25th anniversary of their diplomatic relationship, by co-hosting an architecture exhibition that will provide insights on the capacity and creativity of both countries. It is also the occasion for Vietnam and the Republic of Korea to display to the world their good connections.

Twenty works from Vietnamese architects will be showcased in Seoul from September 5th to 10th 2017 at the RoK’s city of Seoul, within the framework of the International Union of Architects.
This project was initiated by the Vietnam-RoK Architect, the Association of Architects and the Korean Institute of Registered Architects.

The exhibition will then be moved in mid-November to Vietnam. It is a shared event, designed in a way that both countries will be able to enjoy it. Two famous Vietnamese architects will also attend the exhibition, Vo Trong Nghia and Hoang Thuc Hoa.

Desptie their close geographical proximity, Vietnam and the Republic of Korea started their diplomatic relationship quite late, cultural events played an important role in bringing the nation and States together.

The celebration of their 25th anniversary with an architecture exhibition shows the effort of both countries to share and exchange their knowledge and culture. They encourage their citizens to get closer and to strengthen a friendly relationship.


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