Argentina's Chancellor Said that Latin America is Experiencing a New Political Situation

The Latin American Region in General was not Prepared for a Return

May 30th, 2016

Argentina's Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra, said on May the 20th in China, that Latin America is experiencing a new political "return" related to the change in the economic cycle, which will force their leaders to reach consensus in countries with a presidential tradition accustomed to strong leadership.

Malcorra, who today ended an official three day visit to China, said in remarks to a group of journalists that she has discussed with their Chinese partners aboout the Latin American developments in the recent months. He said that Latin America experienced a period of economic progress in the last twelve or fifteen years supported by the high price of raw materials such as oil or soja. "The region was in general not prepared for a return" and "there was not a preparation for when the lean years would come", something that "always happens" with raw materials.

This has generated a "very interesting dynamic policy" in which voters vote "without giving anyone all the amount of power", so politicians have to "find ways consensus." Malcorra argued that it has been in Argentina, where a president who has no majority in Congress was elected, something that is new in a country of a very presidential tradition. He also indicated that in Venezuela, the President Nicolas Maduro was elected "by popular mandate," although last December the opposition emerged victorious from the elections.

And also it was seen in Brazil, with the shifting alliances that happened in the Congress that resulted in the "impeachment" of President Dilma Rousseff. For Argentina Chancellor, "what's happening to us, and what happens elsewhere in the world," is "a signal" that "people intuitively" does not have confidence to a leader or party. "That means, especially in a region of strong and highly centralized leadership, the exercise to learn how to build consensus," he added. "It's not easy exercise, but I think in the long term is a very good exercise and will help us grow."


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