Art, Music and Food at the IberoAmerican Night in Washington DC

On 5th October, 19 Embassies came together to display Iberoamerican culture in the capital of the US

November 03rd, 2016
Irene Escacena, CD News

More than 300 people united at the Mexican Cultural Institute of the Mexican Embassy to taste the typical recipes, listen to the traditional music and enjoy Iberoamerican culture for one night.

On 5th October, some fortunate Americans had the chance to attend to the ‘Noche Iberoamericana’, which was a great opportunity to get to know Latin and Spanish culture. The event, which took place at the Mexican Cultural Institute, is organized annually by The Iberoamerican Cultural Attachés Association (AACIA) in order to raise funds activities for the promotion of the IberAmerican culture.

The organization, which was created in 2011, works under the purpose of “promoting, disseminating and preserving the heritage, culture and art of IberoAmerica in the Washington, D.C. area, working actively in building bridges between Latin America, Portugal and Spain, with the United States.”

To do so, they organize cultural events such as the IberoAmerican Film Showcase, IberoAmerican Art Exhibition or October’s dinner.

However, the event would not have been such a success without the collaboration of numerous South American Embassies, including of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, and many more. All of them worked together to show their uniqueness and the special characteristics of their culture.

The guests could enjoy a delicious food tasting of typical recipes such as avocado soup with mango salsa, yucca cupcake with sugarcane and Mexican chocolate with kalhua mousse finished with coffee gelatin.

They also had the chance to listen to the music of Verny Varela, a multi-instrumentalist composer and singer from Cali, Colombia. Pavel Urkiza was also among the invited artists. The internationally-know Cuban musician delighted all guests with his unique Afro-Cuban-Spanish singing and guitar playing.

Moreover, the Mexican Cultural Institute also offered guests the chance to win the raffle, in which two round-trip business class plane tickets to Lima, Peru were offered together with Brazilian Cachaça and Cuban cigars.

So 5th October was not only a night to enjoy the food and the music of IberoAmerica, but it was also a chance to learn from the singularities of a culture which is often underestimated in the USA. 


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