Japanese Embassy Launches Song Contest

The event celebrates the long-standing diplomatic relationship between the two countries

June 28th, 2017
Alessia Salzano, CD News
2017_06_28 Japanese Song Contest.jpg

The possibility of discovering other countries through sounds has an immense potential. Although this way of knowledge may not be used yet as it should be, embassies around the world are engaging themselves to utilize the power of music to its maximum level.


One notable example of this is Nodojiman, a Japanese Song Contest organized by the Japanese Embassy in Cambodia, which is at its 8th edition this year. The goal is to promote a deeper understanding between the two countries, and the Embassy hopes that the show will constitute an occasion to get the people closer to each other.

What is worth noticing, is that this is not the first attempt to breaking barriers through music. In fact, throughout history, there have been several examples of this practice. Starting from the famous Woodstock Festival of 1969 held in the United States, to the most recent Artizilit concert for peace with Jewish and Arab musicians playing together, music can generate the right climate of stability and cooperation among nations.

In fact, every society has its own musical heritage, and this contains a huge diplomatic potential. In particular, music advertises a nation’s culture, and has therefore the capacity to influence how that country in perceived in a foreign audience.

For that reason, the Nodojiman Song Contest has been conducted annually for the purpose of promoting Japanese Language education in Cambodia, especially to offer an opportunity to Japanese language learning students to showcase their talent in the field of culture and art.

On the 17 of June a total of 13 groups were selected out of 123 to the final round that will take place on July 23, 2017, and will surely have positive outcomes for improving the friendship between Japanese and Cambodian people in a fun and enjoyable way.


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