Baku Hosts 4th International Theatre Conference

Conference entitled ‘Multiculturalism and Theatre’ organised by Ministry of Culture and Tourism

November 25th, 2016
Lilla Magyar, CD News

As part of the state program ‘Azerbaijani theatre in 2009-2019 years’, the International Theatre Conference took place on November 6th-10th, supported by the Union of Theatre Figures of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. 150 theatre experts from more than 40 countries gathered together with representatives of international organisations such as Young People and the International Association of Theatre Critics, International Puppetry Association or International Association of Theatre for Children.

The 4th International Theatre Conference aims to familiarise participants with the cultural platform of the country and to discuss the new challenges they face. “In Egypt now, after the revolution, the theatre is very active, especially in the youth sector. The young artists want to participate in the new Egypt. They want to make sure of their right of the freedom of speech”, said the Egyptian actress and critic, Maysa Zaky.

Migration was one of the most discussed issues during the conference, besides the impact of social media, inter-cultural dialogue, philosophy, as well as censorship and current affairs.

A Russian theatre manager and critic pointed out that he went there to make a presentation about migration, which is a popular topic there due to the erupting wars caused by the lack of multiculturalism.

“We are proud to hold such an event in Baku. Today, Azerbaijan is also known for its tolerance and multicultural tradition. People of different nationalities living in the country speak in their language and develop their culture”, added the minister, Abulfas Garayev.

The importance of such conferences was emphasized by the Kazakhstani theatre critic, Irina Antonova, who thinks of multiculturalism as the foundation of freedom. The conference was definitely a place to exchange ideas between theatre performers, experts and professionals.


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