Belgium Signs Migration Agreement

The Agreement With The International Organization For Migration Aims to Improve Migration Management

October 10th, 2016
Michaela Zackova, CD News

As of next year, the Belgian Government has pledged to provide multi-annual funding to the International Organization For Migration (IOM). The funding aims to help with the management of migration in a humane and orderly manner and to advance international cooperation.

The agreement was signed with the aim to support the International Organization For Migration in its mission to manage migration and to improve the coherence between the IOM’s activities and those of the Belgian Government. This will be partially done by increasing the exchange of knowledge related to migration.

The International Organization For Migration has a long lasting cooperation with Belgium, with Belgium being one of its founding members in 1951.

Today, Belgium is highly involved in the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. Its support consists of a durable and inclusive economic growth and human rights based approach. The Belgian government stresses the IOM’s role as the global leader on migration.

After signing the agreement, the IOM’s Director General, William Swing said, “no state or organization can stand alone in today’s interconnected world. There is an urgent need for strengthened collective action, including global, regional and local solutions, to improve migration management”.

The signing of the agreement will further promote the strong relationship between the IOM and Belgium in responding to humanitarian crises. Together they will address the negative impact of migration, through building the capacity of migration management in other states.

The goals of the agreement will be achieved through better communication and unity, financial contribution, and the acquisition of common expertise.

Belgian Minister Alexander De Croo said, “migration is one of today’s megatrends. There are more people on the move than ever before. As one of the IOM’s founding members, Belgium fully supports the IOM as a flexible, operational and transparent lead international organization in the field of migration.”


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