BMW Group and Their Art Journey Initiative- Key to Emerging Artists Success

The BMW Art Journey is a New Global Art Initiative Offering Artists an Opportunity to Undertake a Journey of Creative Discovery

June 23rd, 2016
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BMW is most well known for producing luxury vehicles and for being one of the worlds leading engine manafacturing companies. The company was founded in 1916 and has steadily grown and evolved over the last 100 years. However, unbeknown to many individuals the BMW company has been involved in numerous cultural events on both an international and national level. The BMW Art Journey is the latest in one of their projects where they aim to support and recognise the work of some of the worlds most promising artists.

The BMW Art Journey operates with the intention of providing artists from all over the world, with the opportunity to go anywhere in the world to undertake research, to make contacts and to create new work. This unique opportunity is crucial to the work of future artists and for those who are keen to witness their creations. Artists participating in Art Basel’s sectors for emerging artists in Miami Beach and Hong Kong, are eligible for the BMW Art Journey. Beginning in 2015, twice a year there is an award given to one artist at each location.

British artist Abigail Reynolds was selected for the third BMW Art Journey for her project entitled ‘The Ruins of Time: Lost Libraries of the Silk Road.’ As a result of winning, she will now have the opportunity to visit China, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Iran, Italy and Egypt. She will visit sixteen different sites of libraries lost to political conflicts, looters, natural catastrophes and war. In a joint statement, the jury said about her project: “Abigail Reynolds submitted a monumental, poetic, and memorable proposal.

Her articulate project links the contemporary to ancient history by researching destroyed libraries, a phenomenon that has continued for thousands of years. Her journey will take her along segments of the Silk Road, which has not lost any of its political and cultural resonance. It will be fascinating to see where this ambitious journey—which is so thoroughly rooted in her practice of translating literary materials into visual language—will take her, both physically and creatively.”

The BMW Groups cultural commitment has been an essential part of corporate communications for more than 40 years, supporting over 100 projects worldwide. BMW has a unique corporate culture, it is distinctively different from other companies. The focus of this long-term commitment to culture is on contemporary and modern art, jazz and classical music, as well as design and architecture.  


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