Brazilian Film Festival to Take Place in Luxembourg

The 6th annual Brazilian Film Festival returns to four different cities in Luxembourg

November 18th, 2016
Susanna Mancini, CD News

In 2001, a group of people passionate about both Brazilian culture and cinema launched a Brazilian Film Festival in Luxembourg for the first time. Over the years, the Film Festival has found its place in the cinematographic international landscape, becoming an annual event which offers an alternative to the stereotypes often associated with the image of Brazil by showing independent films. Dozens of films will be projected, which are intended to appeal to different audiences. Different activities and readings will also be presented.   

The movies that will be presented are recent and well-known by those passionate about Brazilian Cinema. “The best recent Brazilian movies don’t follow a specific scheme, and this is the occasion to show to the audience the richness of the authentic Brazilian cinema. The scheduling is various, there will be presented comedy, dramatic, biographical and children movies” said the festival manager, Pieca Levy.

The big news about the festival is that it will take place in four different cities: Luxembourg, Esch, Dudelange and Bettembourg. “It is a wish that we would have realized a long time ago because there is a very big Portuguese-speaking community in Luxembourg” affirmed the President of the festival.

Among the many movies that will be screened, ‘The Heart of Madness’, which won the best movie award at the International Tokyo Film Festival, will be projected at the Utopolis Cinema on November 17th.

The festival will end on November 26th with the projection of the film ‘Tudo que aprendemos Juntos’, directed by Sergio Manchado, at the Starlight Cinema in Dudelange. The films and documentaries at this year’s festival are thought to offer a deeper understanding of the Brazilian culture, all of them taking different perspectives on the country’s history. The directors of the selected films invite the audience to reflect on a multitude of cultural, aesthetic and ecological issues.


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