Bridging African-German Horizons

The African-German Youth Inititiave is a new platform for the dialogue of cultures and the exchage of knowledge

July 20th, 2016
Hannah Sarfati, CD News

Launched by the German Ministry of Development and the African Union, the African-German Youth Initiative (AGYI) fosters inter-cultural exchange between young African and German students, in order to develop a more nuanced image of their guest and home countries.

Modelled on a previous Franco-German exchange programme, the AGYI aims to bring young African students and professionals closer together through a series of educational exchanges, volunteering opportunities and various developmental projects. The initiative has so far involved Benin, Tanzania and South Africa and encompasses a wide range of actors; NGOs, schools, universities, business and various stakeholders from civil society.

The AGYI aims to build upon the pre-existing exchange programs, such as those between Rwanda and Rhineland Palatinate or Ghana and North Rhine Westphalia. German Development Minister Gerd Muller, in an interview to the Deutsche Welle, noted that previous schemes were ‘’one-directional’’.

Educational exchange programmes will enable both African and German students to compare perspectives, exchange experiences and discover each other’s rich cultural heritage. Fostering inter-cultural exchange, the students will be able to form a realistic and more nuanced image of each other’s cultures and societies. Through these exchanges, the AGYI aims to provide tomorrow’s generations with a solid understanding of each other’s cultures and experiences, which is essential for future co-operation in all spheres.


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