Cartier’s Unique Use of Culture

Through its art foundation the jeweler Cartier became a cultural actor that contributes to promote its brand

June 22nd, 2016

Since its establishment the Cartier Foundation, has maintained the philanthropy is one of its top priorities and has managed to create a new unique model of philanthropy. By operating on a larger platform than just financing artists the Cartier Foundation has established itself as a major cultural actor on the world stage.

In 2013 300000 guests visited the Cartier Foundation when it hosted and finances the Australian artist, Ron Mueck, and his sculptures. Between its philanthropy and its museum, this demonstrates how a private corporation can become a major cultural actor.

The Cartier Foundation was established in 1984, the artist César suggested that the CEO of Cartier International should open a foundation for contemporary art that would not only finance artists but also establish long term relationships with them. The Cartier Foundation is located in Jouy-en-Josas near Versailles.

Ordering pieces and building relationships with artists is the main priority of the Cartier Foundation. From photography to design, from paintings to videos, many artists from many different disciplines have had the opportunity to create art through the Foundation Cartier.

It was in 1994, when the Cartier Foundation established itself as an important actor in philanthropy, it relocated to Paris thus ensuring that it became fully immersed itself in culture. The new building, designed by Jean Nouvel, the architect of the Institut du Monde arabe and of the Quai Branly museum, is made completely of glass. Set in the heart of Paris, the new headquarter of the Fondation is a piece of art by itself. There, the Foundation displays its collection which is either created by the artists supported by artists or brought in to auction. 

The Foundation has organized many events throughout the years and it now has more over 1000 pieces of art, created by more than 300 artists of 40 different nationalities. The Foundation acquired international recognition through the renting of its artwork to other cultural institutions all around the globe. Hence, Berlin, Beijing and New York had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful pieces of art in the Foundation Cartier’s collection.

The Cartier Foundation also recently showed that it is modern by becoming the first cultural institution to create playlists related to the history of the Foundation or to its expositions on the music website Soundcloud.

With its activities and the fame it has acquired, the Foundation has ensured that the Cartier Foundation is more than just a business.


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