Colombian Historic Silversmith Items in France

An exhibition of archeological objects from Colombia has started in Nantes

July 07th, 2017
R.B. Reijnen, CD News
2017_07_07 Colombian Historic Silversmith.jpg

H. E. Ambassador Federico Renjifo Vélez, the Colombian Ambassador to France, has opened an exhibition in Nantes. The exhibition is called 'Spirits, Gold and Shaman’ and it is open from July 1st to November 12th. The exhibition is a part of the France-Colombia Year 2017.


France and Colombia are celebrating the France-Colombia Year 2017. The France-Colombia Year 2017 aims to strengthen and diversify relations between the two countries, opens new areas for cooperation and increase the visibility of the strengths of both nations. The exchange will involve various cultural, scientific, artistic and institutional sectors.

This exhibition shows metalwork from the pre-Hispanic ages of Colombia. Over 220 items are on display, showing the amazing craftsmanship of the Colombian silversmiths and metalworkers. The items come from different areas and time periods in Colombian history. They were often used by authority figures, such as chiefs and shamans. They were able to transform themselves by using gold objects, which they wore to strengthen their prestige and authority. The exhibition is taking place in the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany in Nantes.

This exhibition and the France-Colombia Year 2017, in general, show the importance of cultural diplomacy. The bilateral relation between France and Colombia is being strengthened through cultural and scientific exchange. History is an important part of culture and learning about others culture and their historic artistry can give important insight into their culture. Showing the artistry of Colombia before the influence of Europe shows how other continents were not dependent on Europe to develop. This is a great example of cultural diplomacy in action.


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