Continental Youth Consultation on the AU Transitional Justice Policy

The Continental Youth Consultation on the AUTJP took place in Nairobi, Kenya between 14th and 15th November

November 23rd, 2016
Danai Tsitomenea, CD News
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Eka Hotel in Nairobi hosted the Continental Youth Consultation on the Draft AU Transitional Justice Policy. The event was organized by the Department of Political Affairs of the African Union Commission (AUC DPA) with technical support of the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR).

The objective of the event was to try to understand challenges the youth face and to try and create young actors effectively involved in peace and transitional justice processes. Also, it aims to motivate the African youth to make their contribution to the draft African Union Transitional Justice Policy (AUTJP).

The participation of youth in violent conflicts on the African Continent is widely reported. There are many examples, including the genocide in Rwanda, the civil war in Sierra Leone, the post-election violence in Kenya and the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa. Research on youth and conflict generally points out the negative roles of youth, either as victims or perpetrators of the violence.

These young individuals represent the next generation of leaders, facilitators and stakeholders. As a result, their involvement in transitional justice, peace building initiatives, and the constructive formation of their political positions and abilities in these processes is crucial. This meeting contributed to the recognition of youth’s unique experiences of conflict, and encouraging the development of their awareness of the way a society can evolve.

The event’s outcome is expected to be the development of best practices and key recommendations in order to be considered and applied by member states and regional actors. The AU will try to ensure that youth are included as critical stakeholders in all transitional justice and peace processes.

Moreover, the AU aspires to strengthen the network of youth already working on issues of transitional justice and peace building in Africa. There is, furthermore, going to be a compilation of discussions and reflections on the draft AUTJP.

The Continental Youth Consultation on Transitional Justice is one of the ongoing series of bilateral meetings between the AUC-DPA and stakeholders as part of the agreed work plan for 2016, which is expected to finalize the proposed AU Transitional Justice Policy.

Among the participants of the event were representatives of the AUC Department of Political Affairs, youth working on peace and transitional justice from across the continent, and TJ experts. Media representatives were also invited to cover the event. 


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