“Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference 2016”

Sidney will host a conference on cultural studies from December 14th to 17th 2016

November 11th, 2016
Fulvia De Grazia, CD News

“Conference of Cultural Studies” has become a major international conference where scholars from all five continents gather regularly to exchange research, views, and insights into the field of cultural studies.

Founded in 2002 and organised by the Association for Cultural Studies, the conference is held every other year in different parts of the world. Previous conferences have taken place in Birmingham (United Kingdom), Urbana-Champaign (USA), Istanbul (Turkey), Kingston (Jamaica), Hong Kong (China), Paris (France), and Tampere (Finland).

The aim is to promote and form an effective worldwide community of cultural studies, to be an organization that brings together different cultures and shrinks the distance that separates them.

The organization provides information about cultural studies scholars and scholarship around the world, including intensive, extensive and rewarding pedagogical experience for postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers. Throughout the conference seminars and workshops will be held to give participants the opportunity to address issues related to their field of studies.

The event also aims to explore what it means to conduct cultural studies, and will engage with disciplines such as cultural studies, cultural anthropology, film studies, media studies, literary theory and criticism, discourse analysis, new literacy studies, educational studies and rhetorical criticism.

More specifically, topics range from: Decolonising the Mind: Racism, Moral Imagination,
“Who's the Man? Disrupted Masculinities in Global Cinema”, Sydney 's Chinatown in the 21 st Century: From ethnic enclaves to global hubs, Mobile Phones and New Imaginaries, Multicultural Arts: practices and policies, Drugs in Space: New Approaches to Drugs and Drug Cultures, Populism, Politics and the Popular (The Rise of Populist Political Brands and the Narrative of Exclusion: Berlusconi, Sarkozy and Trump); Visibility, Invisibility, and Disappearance in Social Media and Digital Culture and many more.

For more information and to apply for the conference, please visit the official website.


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