Cuban Minister of Agriculture carries out US Tour

Cuban Agriculture Minister Gustavo Rodriguez Rollero, Embarks on a Short US Tour to Promote Bilateral Cooperation

June 08th, 2016

Cuban Agriculture Minister Gustavo Rodriguez Rollero, participated in talks at the Chamber of Commerce in Washington on Thursday, as part of a short US tour on bilateral cooperation.

Cuba and the United States are preparing a series of bilateral agreements which will hopefully improve relations between the two countries. In particular, Rodriguez Rollero stressed agreements on animal and plant welfare between Cuba and the United States, noting that they may pave the way for a deepening of relations between the two countries on agricultural issues.

"Cuba is open to commercial exchange and cooperation" with the United States, the Cuban representative said, noting that his country aspires to become an exporter of fruits and vegetables, but also honey, tobacco products and charcoal to the US market.

Nevertheless, the Cuban Minister highlighted that, as it has only been one year since the reopening of diplomatic relations between the two countries, there are still hurdles to overcome; the first of which is the US embargo, which has been in force since 1962.

In Washington, Rodriguez Rollero also held meetings with directors of the Departments of Agriculture and Commerce, in addition to organizations that support the lifting of the embargo and a normalisation of relations with Cuba.

President Barack Obama has called on Congress to reverse the embargo, while issuing a series of regulatory reforms in order to ease certain sanctions and to promote greater exchange between the peoples of both countries.

"The resolution of this obstacle may facilitate the opening of dialogue and the reestablishment of relations," the minister said.



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