Cultural Diplomacy is the First Goal of European Embassies in Italy

European Embassies located in Italy work hard spreading cultural diplomacy and country branding

June 26th, 2017
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Two thousand seventeen is a prolific year, rich of opportunity, for all the Embassies that are located in Italy.


Firstly, all the European Institutions are interested in celebrating the anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, especially in Italy, where the founding fathers of the European Union signed this agreement that established the creation of the European Economic Community. In this framework, the Embassy of Romania in Italy celebrated the “Festival of Europe” through a series of events, which aimed to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Romania's accession to the European Union and 60-years after the signing of the Treaties of Rome. On May 8, at the Academy of Romania in Rome Quartetto Quodlibet came for a concert that included songs of the most esteemed European composers but also from the Romanian folklore. Moreover, on May 9, the Ambassador of Romania, Mr. George Bologan, held a conference titled “The future of the EU builds on the responsibility of the present. The Romanian perspective of 10-year membership” at the La Sapienza University in Rome. This meeting is part of a series of initiatives dedicated to young people, organized by the Romanian Embassy in Italy about the major themes of actuality at the European and international level.

Secondly, all the European countries throughout their Embassies try to spread their culture and national art traditions. For this reason, they participate actively in the realization of the “Biennale of Venice”, giving their support and promoting their own country branding. For instance, the Embassy of Denmark gave the responsibility of the realization of the Danish Pavillon to Boris Brorman Jensen and Kristoffer Lindhardt Weiss - on behalf of the Danish Architecture Center- Considering Denmark contribution to the festival, the idea is a comprehensive survey of today’s Danish architecture.

Thirdly, European Embassies in Italy are deeply involved in organizing concerts and musical events that can raise awareness about different but common traditions. The Ambassador Susanne Wasum-Rainer of the German Embassy invited in Villa Almone the young talented pianist, Sven Bauer, who played with other Italian and International artists during the concert “Uniti per la musica”, which can be translated as ”United for music”. Moreover, it is remarkable the concert set up by the Embassy of Czech Republic on February in Arquata Del Tronto (AP). The aim was precise and ambitious: all of the proceeds were donated to victims of earthquake. Through all these activities, European Embassies want to give a practical contribution in favor of Italian citizens, by encouraging mutual solidarity and understanding.

Finally, all the Embassies constantly organize cultural events that include book readings and conferences where discuss the major topic of the national literature. In fact, these events are part of their overawll cultural diplomacy activities in Italy.


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