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Danish Embassy Displays Scandinavian Design

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June 28th, 2017
Alessia Salzano, CD News
2017_06_28 Danish Arts.jpg

After pronouncing the word ‘art’, what comes to people’s mind would probably be museums, sculptures and famous painters. But art is not only this. It encompasses in fact a lot of different forms, and it is due to its vast variety, that it can be used as a means to pursue political, social and economic interests.


In this framework, even showing every-day objects such as normal furniture can accomplish the purpose of enhancing mutual respect and understanding. For that reason, the Danish Embassy in Berlin has organized an exhibition called ‘Much more than a chair’, dedicated to Danish design and open to public visits until the 7th of July.

The exposition features Danish design pieces from 1945 to the present. What is unique about the event is that not only a historical overview of design will be shown, but also a multi-faced portrait of Denmark, as a country.

The exhibition presents the classics such as Borge Morgensen and Arne Jacobson, but at the same time it shows the innovative side of Denmark with other design solutions such as water purifying straws, toys and kitchen supplies.

In addition, a round table discussion will be hosted in cooperation with prestigious German partners from the field of design and architecture, on the 30th of June 2017, which will feature ‘Icons of Danish design timeless classics or nostalgic retreats’.

Featuring also the presence of the Danish journalist Lars Hedebo Olsen from the Danish newspaper ‘Politiken’, the exhibition is an invaluable opportunity to see how design influences the way that Denmark is perceived in other countries. It constitutes as well a unique way to implement cultural diplomacy and to build Scandinavian design as a national brand.


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