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Introduction of ambassadorsí homes at Helsinki Design Week

September 15th, 2016
Ingrida HaringovŠ, CD News

For eleven days Helsinki is dominated by design. For the 12th time the Helsinki Design Week takes over the city, this year with more than 250 design events. Among them is Design Diplomacy, where visitors can “enter” ambassadors’ private residences. 

Helsinki Design Week is the biggest design event in Northern Europe. This year's theme is “Better”, which is concerned with experiences, future material innovations in the home, lighting, leadership, money, the importance of concepts, and the power of storytelling. This year the festival hosts five new events; among them is Design Diplomacy.

Helsinki Design Week, in collaboration with embassies, allows visitors access to diplomatic circles and is holding a series of evening discussions in which you can enter ambassadors´ private residences, allowing guests an opportunity to get to better understand how ambassadors live.

In addition to discussions, visitors will have the chance to learn more about unique residences and their architecture over a glass of wine. One of the main questions is how many ambassadors have lived in the apartment and how the place reflects its history and use.

Helsinki Design Week has organized Diplomacy Design in collaboration with several embassies in Finland; among them the embassies of Slovakia, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Japan.

The first evening of Design Diplomacy was hosted by the Slovakian embassy, in which H. E. Amb. Tibor Králik introduced the history and architecture of the building and a new branding of Slovakia, “Good Idea Slovakia”. The following discussion concerning design, architecture and the creative industries in Slovakia and Finland was led by Slovak architect, Ján Pernecký, and Finnish designer, Kivi Sotamaa.

Ján Pernecký and his colleagues introduced a new collection of digitally designed jewelry called “Misbehaved”, which is exhibited in the Slovakian embassy. 


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