Deutsches Haus to be built in Ho Chi Minh

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July 15th, 2016
Lavinia De Lucchi, CD News

Deutsches Haus, a symbol of friendship as well as a center for business and cultural exchange between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is set to be built in Ho Chi Minh. Though the building will be opened in 2017 the inauguration ceremony is foreseen for this year.

In October 2011, Germany and Vietnam established a strategic partnership under the “Hanoi Declaration” for political, economic and cultural cooperation. By 2013, Germany was Vietnam’s main trading partner in the European Union. This year the “German House” in Ho Chi Minh represents a further step in the successful journey of cooperation between the two countries.

Marg and Partners, an architect’s office based in Hamburg, was appointed the task of bringing Germany to Vietnam in the form of a building. In celebration of the tight economic partnership between Germany and Vietnam the architects decided to feature Germany’s technological and industrial advancement in the building. The cost-effective design, the energy efficiency and the forward looking architecture create an innovative and modern space for the practice of future business deals and diplomatic exchange. Furthermore, these features are seen as typical architectonic features of Germany abroad.

Yet this building transcends the mere role of a business hub and an ecological masterpiece. As a “house” it aims to make Germans, and more broadly Europeans, feel at home. It does this through its elegant transparency. The architectural language suggests a welcoming space; the glass facades allow for internal functions to be seen from the outside. The building itself then, is an object of cultural exchange, it shares its workings with its surroundings and at the same time it is oriented to merge with them.


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