"Do Zero ao Infinite"

Italian Researchers and Academics in Brasilia for a day of open-door conferences

June 19th, 2017
Berlin Global, CD News
2017_06_19 Italy Do zero ao Infinite.jpg

From themes ranging from mathematics to space exploration, from Giordano Bruno and his theory of the “Infinite Worlds” to the writings of Dante Alighieri, the Embassy of Italy presented a day-cycle of seminars, readings and debates entitled "Do zero ao Infinite: from mathematics às ciências aplicadas passing literacy and philosophy".

On May 5, the Italian "G. Tomasi di Lampedusa" Chair of the Institute of Letters of the University of Brasilia (UNB), in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy, held the second meeting of a series of conferences scheduled for this year. This event attracted esteemed scholars, students and passionate Italophiles in Brasilia.

Professor Franco Trabattoni of the University of Milan inaugurated the cycle of events on April 28. His initial speech involved the public throughout an exciting philosophical journey based on Plato and Aristotles thoughts regarding man's finitude and the infinity of research.

During the event “Do zero ao Infinite”, the visitors were led to the discovery of the Fibonacci's mathematical thinking and new Italian and Brazilian research in the aerospace industry. Moreover, these issues were discussed, questioned and compared with the thought and literature of modern poets - Giordano Bruno, Giacomo Leopardi and Dante Alighieri - but also considering the Classics such as Greece's Pythagorean philosophers and Filolao di Crotone.

Experts, researchers and academics from Italy that work in various departments of the University of Brasilia were involved and gave their contributions to this high-quality seminar experience.

The Cultural Office of the Embassy of Italy throughout this event was able to promote the Italian culture and the excellence of "made in Italy", in particular the extremely dynamic and fertile ground where Italian researchers and professors work and develop their knowledge.


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