e-Government at the top of the agenda of the German-Nordic Parliamentary Friendship Group

As part of a dinner, on May 3 the German-Nordic Parliamentary Friendship Group has discussed in Berlin the "digitization of the north"

May 19th, 2016

The digitalization of government's services is currently one of the crucial aims that several European countries are willing to achieve in the next future. The e-government strategy aims to simplify and make administrative services more effective. The Nordic Model is currently widely considered as a benchmark of government digitalization, as many comparative studies of economics and social performances have always placed them at the top of their ratings.

According to the DESI data (digitization of Economy and Society) the countries of Northern Europe are the most competitive, followed by the countries of Western Europe, Eastern Europe and, lastly, the countries of South Europe. The DESI data also affirms that we are witnessing an improvement in the overall level of digitization in the EU countries.

During the dinner, not only Danish parliamentarians but also other Ambassadors of Nordic countries talked about their own digitalization experience, presenting it to Germany as a promising solution of the problems that several European countries are facing regarding the delivery of government services.

In fact, considering the difficult economic period that Europe is witnessing, it is important that the administration's costs remain low, giving to States the chance to provide more prosperity and a better quality of life to their citizens.

Denmark has been working since 2001 towards the organization of the public sector through digitization strategies, for effectively promoting the modernization of the country.

According to the European Commission the digitization in Denmark was greatly done, and the public digital services of Denmark is also one of the best in Europe. Considering that New Information Technologies (IT) are rated among the most important instruments to tackle current challenges, in order to make use of this potential, also the German federal government has supported the development and the introduction of e-government applications with various initiatives and highly endowed promotion programs.


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