Migration Crisis Dominates 2016ís World Press Photo Exhibition

Budapestís Museum of Ethnography has opened its doors to the annual World Press Photo exhibition

October 19th, 2016
Danai Tsitomenea, CD News

The annual World Press Photo traveling exhibit presents pictures taken by prestigious photographers from all over the world. The main theme this year was the global migration crisis. The vivid images aim to present this significant event and reflect a new milestone not only for Europe but also for global history. 

Tamas Revesz, the show’s curator and award-winning photographer, has compared this crisis to an exodus as no one knows when it will stop or how people will react to it.

There is also an exhibition entitled ‘Exodus’, running at the Ethnographic Museum under the same theme, presenting photographs which won the Pulitzer Prize. The main exhibition area displays shocking snapshots of both the migrant crisis and the ongoing war in Syria, showcasing images of destroyed cities, struggling refugees gathered at the border or trying to cross fences, and young children in devastating circumstances.

The jury selected the work of Australian photojournalist Warren Richardson from 80,000 pictures as photo of the year. The picture shows a baby being handed to a Syrian refugee through a razor-wire fence.

The World Press Photo exhibition is often sensational and shocking. The organizers are encouraging those who tend to turn a blind eye to bad news and unfortunate events to attend the exhibition. This year’s exhibition is an excellent summary of 2016 for those who have become desensitized to the horrors of our world.

Both the World Photo Exhibition and ‘Exodus’ are running at the Museum of Ethnography in Budapest until the 23rd of October.


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