El Salvador Fashion in Milan

El Salvador represented in high-fashion show

June 14th, 2016
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On Saturday June 10th the Salvadoran Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Liduvina Magarín, represented El Salvador in the fashion exposition, “AzulES”, in Milan, Italy.

The name of the fashion show is a subtle pun on the words, “Azul es” (“Blue is”) and “Azul ES”, the initials of Spain, meaning “Blue Spain”. The choice of name reflects the need to strengthen bonds between Latin American and European countries, and promote their common identity, as explained by the Salvadoran Deputy.

“The main goal of AzulES is for our European compatriots, as well as all the citizens of this continent, to get to know the wonders created by Salvadoran hands. This initiative can work as a window to the best fashion capitals in the world, and it’s a project that, personally, makes me very happy and proud. It gives us motivation to keep working on the promotion of our identity and culture of our country”, declared Liduvina Magarín.

The diplomat also added that initiatives such as this have been integrated into the Five Year Development Plan (2014-2019) of the Government of El Salvador, in an effort to focus more on improving connections with Salvadoran citizens living abroad.

The fashion show took place in the Palazzo Visconti, in Milan, and showcased the work of Salvadoran designers Andrea Ayala, Carlos Barriere, Geraldine García, Ingrid Valeriano, Iris Quinteros, and Jacqueline Suriano. Among the pieces exhibited were shoes, handbags, and pillows, in which one could clearly see the Salvadoran identity and influence.

In addition to the fashion show was a display by Roxana Castro, a famous Salvadoran sculptor, titled “Puño de hierro, guante de seda” (“Iron fist, velvet glove”). Her work included sculptures made of galvanised steel, polished and subjected to nitric acid. The steel is then molded into a particular shape, for example large, shiny hats, which are her signature form.

In attendance were the Salvadoran Deputy, the Consular Corps, fashion industry entrepreneurs and several media representatives.


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