ENGIE Aims to Provide Solar Energy All Around the World

The French energy group encourages the UN for the Terrawatt initiative, a global project to produce one terawatt of clean solar power worldwide

June 24th, 2016

On April 22nd, the French President François Hollande, together with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UN’s General Secretary Ban Ki-moon announced the launch of one of the key initiative in the COP 21. This International Solar Alliance aims to implement ‘’Terrawatt’', an initiative proposed by the French energy company ENGIE (formerly known as GDF Suez) during COP 21’s negotiations in Paris.

The goal of the International Solar Alliance and the commitment of the signatories of the COP 21 agreement is to invest one trillion dollars to install solar energy infrastructures in 121 countries through the Terrawatt initiative.

The initiative constitutes a non-profit organization gathering energy producer companies from all around the world, in order to meet the needs of the International Solar Alliance and to create the most efficient investment conditions possible.

Terrawatt should set the conditions of a constructive and efficient dialogue between all the companies involved in the production, transportation and distribution of energy all around the world. The aim is to provide affordable solar energy for the members of the Alliance, thanks to massive investments that will fund the construction of installations able to produce one terawatt of solar energy by 2030.

As of today, 20 % of the world’s population doesn’t have access to any source of energy or electricity. This is the reason why ENGIE commits to play a leading role in the development of solar energy, so to reduce regional disparities of energy access, thereby achieving UN’s 7th goal in the sustainable development department.

ENGIE hopes that gathering energy companies from all around the world should allow the initiative to succeed in this ambitious and yet vital environmental and social goal.


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Pierre Even, CD News