EUROPALIA Brings Indonesia to Europe

The art festival will have Indonesia as its guest land in 2017

August 29th, 2017
R.B. Reijnen, CD News

The EUROPALIA art biennial, based in Belgium, will have Indonesia as its guest land this year. The biennial brings art from different countries to Europe. From the 10th of October 2017 to the 21st of January 2018, the arts biennial EUROPALIA focuses on the traditional and contemporary culture of Indonesia through artistic exchanges, new creations, exhibitions, dance, and music with a special focus on gamelan literature and film.

Since 1969, the EUROPALIA art biennial invites visitors to discover the art and cultures of a different guest country each year. The EUROPALIA team develops each festival with a national team from the guest country, working within a framework agreed with the country’s government and assisted by international culture experts.

The impact of the festival is further enhanced through events organized in parallel by other cultural bodies. Thanks to these collaborations, the festival is able to meet the expectations of both Belgian and international visitors. EUROPALIA has had the opportunity to cooperate with many countries since 1969. This long experience has allowed the association to develop significant expertise in artistic, logistic and financial direction of the festival, but also to ensure reliable partnerships with all major Belgian and European cultural institutions. EUROPALIA relies on partnerships with major cultural institutions in Brussels, Belgium and across the borders.

This biennial is a great example of cultural diplomacy, using art from different countries to introduce European audiences to different cultures and their art. The festival has been around since 1969, which shows the resilience of cultural diplomacy. This year audiences in Belgium and its surrounding countries will get the opportunity to learn more about Indonesia through the festival.


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