Ferrari uses the Hokkaido Rally to Bring Together Ferrari Owners from Across Asia

Ferrari is organizing its first driving experience for its aficionados in the Far East

June 28th, 2016

30 Ferrari clients have driven their GTs all across the Far East region, exploring one of the most pristine areas in all of Japan, famous for its mountains and thermal wells. The Rally took place during the first and second weeks of June. It was organized as part of the 50 Years of Ferrari in Japan Anniversary activities.

The Italian Supercar has always been appreciated by Japanese customers, so much so that Japan is the most profitable Asian market for Ferrari. The Hokkaido Rally was organized by Ferrari Far East to provide not only a delightful journey to stunning areas which showcase the region’s beautiful nature, but also as an opportunity to enhance ownership experiences in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. The new Ferrari GTC4Lusso, the latest interpretation of the GT car, was also displayed, much to the amusement of the drivers.

The Rally took place in two separate weeks: the first week of June was dedicated to the Southeast Asian customers, the second one to the Japanese. During the celebration the customers had the opportunity to visit Hokkaido, the second biggest island in Japan, and experienced what the region had to offer.

Masaki Nishihara and Kazuteru Kawawaki, Japanese pilots and experts on the mountainous region of Hokkaido, worked together with Ferrari Far East to sketch the route of the rally. Along the road, the drivers have had the opportunity to appreciate Japanese culture, eating traditional cuisine, bathing in the well renowned thermal springs and witnessing the unparalleled beauty of the region.

The Ferrari owners from Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia have had the chance to get to know each other better, bringing people from different backgrounds together under the banner of the Italian Prancing Horse. The experience has set another milestone to enhance the passion they all share for Ferrari, demonstrating how being passionate for a brand can link people together and let them appreciate foreign cultures.


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Giorgio Malvermi, CD News