Carrefour: a Company for Whom Solidarity is Important

The French supermarket chain is currently engaged in a number of social projects, addressing issues of societal exclusion and food poverty

June 27th, 2016

Created in 2000, the Carrefour Foundation supports programs aimed at helping those less fortunate. Many of the projects are chosen together with and led in cooperation with associations from around the world. The aims of the Carrefour Foundation fall into two main categories: fighting against food poverty and providing urgent humanitarian assistance.

The Carrefour Foundation set itself the goal of assisting isolated and less fortunate populations and communities to develop. To achieve this goal, Carrefour supermarkets, warehouses and national divisions are involved in various local solidarity projects. These projects are oriented towards the provision of food and aim to promote social inclusion through long-term cooperation with local civil society actors.

Indeed, Carrefour is putting its skills as a food supplier at the service of associations and NGOs. These skills are particularly useful in the fields of social and professional integration of people isolated from the employment market, and in fighting against food poverty. The Carrefour group is also encouraging employees to share their expertise with local communities, as well as with local associations who work with the disadvantaged.

One example of the Carrefour Foundation’s solidarity programs is the creation of numerous ‘solidarity groceries’. These places provide not only a space for exchange and discussion, but also provide everyday foodstuffs for the less fortunate, at 20% of their normal retail price. Moreover, these places also promote social insertion, as most Carrefour employees are former beneficiaries of the ‘solidarity groceries’ project.

Furthermore, the Foundation is also organising food collections for donation. In 2013, the total donations around the world represented the equivalent of 73 million meals. The Foundation also donated 632 097 Euros to food banks in four countries (France, Spain, Italy and Poland). Indeed, the Carrefour Foundation is supporting food banks in France and all around the world, in order to facilitate a healthy and diversified diet for those who frequently miss out.


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