Festival Namastè to be Held in France

Namastè festival is one of the most important cultural events in France, hosted by the Embassy of India in cooperation with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations

November 22nd, 2016
Dragos Marcu, CD News
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Between 15th September and 30th November, the second edition of the Namastè festival is being held in France. The event will cover many areas of Indian culture, including music, dance, theatre, visual and decorative arts, literature, cinema, cuisine and yoga.

The first edition of the festival, held in 2015, was declared a success by organisers. Both the Indian community and the French had the chance to see and experience Indian culture. This year there will be more events in the bigger cities in France (Paris, Toulouse, Marseille Nice, etc.). The opening night on 15th September included some great live performances of traditional dances, movies and art exhibitions.

Guimet museum in Paris is currently exhibiting a unique Indian collection of terracotta, stone, bronze and wood sculptures from the 3rd millennium BC to the 18th/19th century AD, in addition to paintings from the 15th to 19th century. Most of the objects have their origins in Southern Asia, showing the links between India and the former Roman Empire. There are sculptures representing Buddha and episodes from the Buddhist legend. Additionally, operas influenced from the neighboring, largely South Asian, countries are being shown for visitors.

The Indian Embassy in France invites all Indian culture lovers on 6th November to be part of one of the greatest events under the Namastè Festival umbrella: a classical Indian dance show, ‘Moving Movements’. During the show, viewers will have the opportunity to see various Indian classical dances which were “rediscovered” and codified in India. Dancers from India and France will be performing a variety of classical Indian dances: Tarikavalli (Bharatanatyam), Karunakaran (Kathakali), Angela Sterzer (Manipuri), Isabelle Anna (kathak), Meena Kanakabati (sattriya), Brigitte Chataignier (Mohiniattam), Mahina Khanum (odissi) and Gali Arzoo (Kuchipudi).

The Indian Embassy hopes through this festival to be able to introduce a wide variety of people to Indian culture, and to promote India in France.”


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