Finnish Embassy Presents Mid Summer Festival

The Finnish Embassy in Berlin celebrates ‘Juhannus’

June 20th, 2017
Alessia Salzano, CD News
2017_06_20 Finnish Embassy Juhanus.jpg

In a few days Finland will celebrate what the Finnish people call ‘Juhannus’. It refers to the celebration of the longest day of the Summer, which will happen this year on the 21st of June.

Originally intended to honour the summer solstice, this Midsummer event has incorporated in itself other activities, such as going to the sauna, barbecuing, fishing and boating.


The Finnish Embassy in Berlin has engaged to bring the uniqueness of the White Night and its magic to the German public. In fact, in the heart of the Tiergarten area everyone interested is welcome to take part in the festival, starting at 20:00 and aimed to spreading Finnish culture in the center of Europe.

For this reason, to make the experience even more unforgettable, the participants will have the chance to live the ceremony as a real Finnish, thus immerging themselves in the sauna, discovering birch twigs, tying floral wreaths and tasting Finnish specialties.

In order to create an incredible atmosphere, all these steps will be accompanied by music. For instance, there will be a performance by Tango Alakulo, a group which combines instruments, dance and acting, mixing popular music and jazz. Consequently, people can assist to the story of Finland on the stage, from independence to the present days in a very original perspective.

In addition, other famous Finnish artists will be engaged in the Juhannus Night. Just to give some examples, there will be Iiro Rantala, the jazz band Dalindèo, and the renowed Finnish boyhood choir Cantores Minores.

The celebration highlights the beginning of Summer Holidays for the Finnish people. It means relax, enjoy family and friends, and escape into the nature to detach from the big cities daily routine. It is a huge part of the Finnish folklore and definitely constitutes a precious way to experiment another of the multicultural events that Berlin has to offer.


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