Flanders and The Netherlands at The Frankfurt Book Fair

The 68th edition of the Frankfurt Book Fair welcomes Flanders and The Netherlands as guests of honour under the theme ‘this is what we share’

October 19th, 2016
Chiara Ceccato, CD News

From the 19th to the 23rd of October, the Frankfurt Book Fair, also known as the ‘Frankfurter Buchmesse’ in German, will open its doors to more than 7,300 exhibitors from over 100 different countries. Among these are The Netherlands and Flanders, the Dutch-speaking northern portion of Belgium, which have been named this year’s guests of honour.

On the 18th of October, the Flanders and The Netherlands pavilion at the fair will be introduced by a joint delegation led by King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands and King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium. The delegation also includes Geert Bourgeois, the Minister-President of Flanders, the Dutch Minister Jet Bussemaker and the Flemish Minister Sven Gatz.

Every year since 1976, a different country has been invited to present its language, history and culture at the book fair. This year, Flanders and The Netherlands will present the joint theme ‘this is what we share’. This theme encompasses three main three points: the exploration of their common history, the dynamism that characterizes their relationship, and their relationships with Germany, the North Sea and the rest of the world.

The Flanders and The Netherlands pavilion is just one component of the Frankfurt Book Fair, which is part of a well-known international fair during which participants can learn about the publishing market, negotiate rights and licencing fees, and promote their works and activities. Due to its size, the 300,000 visitors and the 10,000 accredited journalists who attend the fair also have the opportunity to spread cultural awareness.

This year more than 100 countries will participate in the fair by presenting their material in pavilions, which will be introduced by representatives from each country. Members of the media will also be present.

The international nature of the book fair is not exclusive to Frankfurt. In fact, Germany was the guest of honour at the Bologna Children's Book Fair in April, and will be named the guest of honour at the International Istanbul Book Fair in November.


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