France in the Center of Cultural Diplomacy this Year

France has been hosting numerous important cultural events, which help to shed a light to several cultural and social topics

November 20th, 2017
Tereza Richterova, CD News

In the past few months in Paris and other places all around the world we could witness several cultural and political events which were primarily held by French government and citizens in order to bring awareness to various areas in contemporary society.

On June 21, 2017 Paris held an annual cultural music festival: „Fête de la Musique,“ which includes numerous artists and has had a social and cultural impact since 1982 where this concert was first hosted, thanks to an impulse coming from French Ministry of Culture. This concert unites different cultures and allows them to unify under the name of music.

Music has also shown to be an important topic for this year's Biennale in Venice  which has been taking place since 13th May until 23nd November. French artist Xavier Veilhan transformed the country's pavillon into a music studio where all visitors and up-and-coming musicians can try for themselves to compose and produce real music.

World Heritage Comittee held in Krakow in the beginning of July this year has decided to put two new french locations, in French Polynesia and as an extension in Strasbourg,  to UNESCO's list along with three other new sites in Brazil, Turkey and United Kingdom.

The religious landscape Taputapuātea is a remarkable site which is protected by french polynesian law since 50's of the last century. Strasbourg's Grande Île has been on a UNESCO list since 1988, this year the extension included also Neustadt, a new town,  which was completed in 1918 with the support and leadership of the German government.

Since March 2017, UNESCO has been also hosting an important ongoing exhibition until January, 2018 in Paris called "Us and Them – From Prejudice to Racism" which comes up with a new perspective on how to deal with judgements based on race and socio economical aspects.

Palais Brongniart in Paris this September 4th and 5th also hosted Convergences World Forum which aims to bring awareness to sustainable development with a help with more than 5000 representatives from the economic, political and NGO worlds.


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