French Embassy Displays Parisian Architecture in Asia

Discover the uniqueness of Paris in Hong Kong

July 14th, 2017
Alessia Salzano, CD News
2017_07_14 French Embassy Displays Parisian Architecture in Asia.jpg

The architecture of Paris is simply amazing. With its numerous historical sites, impressive monuments and unique charme, the city never stops to be fascinating the foreign public. In order to show the distinctive style of  Paris’ buildings, the French Embassy in Hong Kong has organized an exhibition called ‘Toits de Paris’.


What is important to outline is the fact that the roofs of Paris are not just an architectural feature of the ‘City of  Lights’. In fact, they have inspired many artists, writers, photographers and musicians during the previous decades. For that reason, they served as an outstanding connector between different cultures, and the Hong Kong exhibition has the same purpose.

With objects ranging from three-dimensional architectural models, French oil paintings, and prints to films, photos and multi-media installations, the show celebrates the urban panorama of Paris as it metamorphosed from a dark medieval city to the astonishing city that it is today.

In addition, all the participants will have the chance to see the original mid-19th century watercolor drawings and the model of the spire of Notre Dame Cathedral done by the architect Violet-le-Duc and that he presented to Napoleon III. Pieces like this rarely leave France.

The exhibition is hosted until the 22 of July, and it constitutes a precious opportunity for the Asian public to learn more about European culture, its history and distinguishing style.


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