French Embassy in the US celebrates Bastille Day

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July 06th, 2017
Simeon Botey, CD News
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The International “Bastille Day” celebration is highlighted by many French Embassies throughout the world. This traditional event, presents a magnificent opportunity for further intercultural exchanges between France and other nations.


Due to the French National Day, commonly known in English speaking countries as “Bastille Day”, many French Embassies around the world will be hosting an event to honour the Storming of the Bastille on July 14th 1789. Furthermore, they also celebrate the unity of France, a turning point of the French Revolution, on the same date in 1790.

The event provides the possibility to learn and appreciate other nations’ cultures through their traditions and history, making a joyful experience each year. The French Embassy in Washington DC, for example, will be organizing a party-like event with “Bastille Day” as the core celebration. The event will happen on July 15th, 2017 from 19:30 to 23:30 at the Embassy of The Republic of France in The United States of America.

H.E. Ambassador Gérard Araud will be sure to provide with the high-end prestigious atmosphere that this occasion merits.

The event will be bursting with jazz music, food and tradition, which will overall be an entertaining time for all participants attending it. There will also be a very exciting auction for the guests, making it possible for them to win amazing excursions in both the U.S and France.

Moreover, all the money obtained during the evening will be donated to the organisation; Comité Tricolore. This charity aims to support the francophone community in DC, teach solidarity, tolerance and cultural understanding.

This initiative allows for the great possibility of igniting intercultural exchange, where history and tradition will be present throughout the whole evening.


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