Germany and China towards Deeper Cooperation

Chinese President Received Chancellor Angela Merkel in Beijing

June 15th, 2016

On June 13th Chinese President Xi Jinping received German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Beijing to solve in a proper way all business disputes between their countries.

China has always considered Germany, one of its closest trade partners, an important player in its European plan, but since May´s decision by European Union lawmakers to overwhelmingly vote against granting China the status of “market economy”, their economic and political ties have faced growing pressure. The main problem were Chinese cheap exports, which have caused the closure of steel mills in European nations, including Germany.

Despite this Beijing has been actively lobbying for support, including from Merkel, to change the EU lawmakers’ opinion before their discussions in December about whether to grant the approval. During the meeting in Beijing, President Xi said that both China and Germany should continue to press for a deeper cooperation.

Beyond that, the Chinese President congratulated with the Chancellor for the success of the fourth intergovernmental consultations between China and Germany, adding that both countries should promote bilateral relations and plan a path of cooperated development.

He said that the strategic consultations on diplomacy and security should be strengthened and the cooperation models should also be updated and improved. The hope of the Chinese President is that Germany and the EU deal appropriately with the trade disputes had.

The Chancellor Merkel defined the fourth intergovernmental consultations between China and Germany as a success. She claimed that both countries should enhance mutual trust and accelerate cooperation in the Association of German "Industrie 4.0" and "Made in China 2025". In addition, cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, finance and innovation should be further expanded.

She concluded saying that Germany welcome the role of China in international affairs.


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Valentina Mazzone, CD News