‘Hello Mr. K 2016’ Concerts to Bring Korean Culture Closer to Foreign Residents

Korea held concerts to introduce Korea culture to foreign residents in the country

August 16th, 2016
Min-ni Wu, CD News

A series of ‘Hello, Mr. K!’ concerts were held in Korea by the Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS) to introduce Korea Culture to foreign residents in the country, aiming to help foreigners to be closer to the culture.Organized for the second year, the concerts provide various performances including both traditional and contemporary ones.

Being part of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the KOCIS works to promote international cultural exchange inside Korea as well as abroad. Targeting foreign residents, the ‘Hello, Mr. K!’ concerts offered a chance for getting to know Korean culture better. Park Younggoog, director of KOCIS, said the project was launched to provide foreign residents more opportunities to learn Korean culture, as well as to promote Korean culture in the world, enhancing its image.

The main feature of these concerts is its combination of old and new cultural performances, covering traditional and modern aspects of Korean culture. For example, modern Korean K-POP singers and a LED dance troupe presented modern culture; Taekwondo performance and traditional Korean musical instruments instead were performed with traditional costumes to provide knowledge of traditional art.

Apart from combining old and new sides of Korean culture, the concerts were designed to be interactive, so that the audience can participate and learn more about it. Creative dramas were also presented to show Korean culture.

The cultural performances can bring foreigners staying in the country new understanding of Korea culture, helping them to make through the hardship of living abroad, making friends and enjoying Korean culture. The project can play a role in cultural diplomacy, connecting Korea to the world with friendship.

This year the ‘Hello, Mr. K!’ concert was performed at Katusa US Soldiers Friendship Week Event on April 21st, at Korea Furniture Museum on April 27th, at the Yonsei University on July 21st and will be held again at 2016 World and Communication Forum on August 30th as well as at Kyung Hee University on October 5th.


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