Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland


Address: Raudararstigur 25, 105 Reykjavik, Iceland

Tel.: +354 545-9900

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The Minister

Lilja Alfrešsdóttir

Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade


Minister Lilja Alfrešsdóttir studied at Columbia University, New York, MIA in International Economic Policy and at University of Iceland, Reykjavķk, where she received undergraduate degree in Political Science 1994-1998.

She was exchange student at Minnesota University, Minneapolis (macroeconomics and philosophy) and at Ewha University, Seoul (East Asian political history).

She has work experience from Central Bank of Iceland where she worked as Deputy - Director. She worked as Special Liaison at Prime Minister's Office. Her work experience includes also position of Advisor at International Monetary Fund in Washington DC and position of Deputy - Director of International Affairs and Market Operations department at Central Bank of Iceland.


The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland´s main issue areas are international relations, international trade and international development co-operation.
The Icelandic government manifesto expresses support for increased liberalization of international trade, for Iceland to be in the forefront in the campaign against pollution of the sea and in international efforts to combat climate change. Moreover, respect for human rights, development co-operation and the peaceful resolution of disputes are defined as cornerstones of Iceland´s foreign policy.
The government has emphasized the importance of dynamic international co-operation based on the principles of international law and responsible participation in international collaboration based on Iceland´s three principal strengths:

  • Experience in the sustainable use of marine resources;
  • Experience in the use of renewable energy sources;
  • Important historical milestones in the campaign for gender equality