Inti Raymi Willkakuti

Bolivia and Ecuador Unite to Celebrate the Upcoming Indigenous “New Year”

June 20th, 2017
Raquel Alberto de la Fuente, CD News
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The Bolivian and the Ecuadorian Embassies in Spain come together to promote and encourage the Inti Raymi celebration on June 25th, 2017 at “Parque del Retiro”, Madrid.

Inti Raymi, which translates to “celebration of the sun” in Quechua, is a ceremony performed as a means of worshipping and thanking the Sun God “Inti” for the light and energy it has cast upon the land. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the ritual is usually performed around the time at which the winter solstice takes place in the southern hemisphere, which coincides with the harvest season.

The Inca celebration is thought to have first started around the year 1430 A.C. Unfortunately, similar to many other Indigenous traditions, it was harshly abolished in the year 1572 under the rule of a Spanish viceroy, for he considered the celebration contrary to Catholic values.

However, in the year 1994, the rituals begun to be performed publicly once again. This re-introduction of Inca traditions has ever since served as a vehicle to attract individuals who are interested in learning more about the culture of countries such as Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru or Colombia.

This year, under the title of “All Under the Same Sun”, indigenous people from Bolivia and Ecuador will publicly share and demonstrate their ancestral ceremonies and rituals in an attempt to embrace the importance of this shared tradition, which helps unite Latin American countries.

In the words of H. E. Amb. Miguel Calahorrano: “The Inty Raymi celebration allows for a greater visibility of our countries’ pluriculturality”. Hopefully, those joining Bolivia and Ecuador in celebrating the coming of a new year will depart with a better understanding of both countries’ cultural identities and roots.


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