Israeli Street Artists Present their Art in Prague

Czech Centre in Prague as a platform for Israeli-Czech cultural exchange

September 22nd, 2016
Martina Hanáková, CD News

The Czech Centre in Prague is inviting the Czech public to a lecture about Israeli street art, which will be held on 6th October from 6pm. The centre will be hosting two important Israeli artists, Dede and Nitzan Mintz, a significant creative duo from Tel Aviv. The lecture aims to present Israeli art to the Czech audience and link artists from both countries.

Dede is an Israeli artist who has been working in the public sphere since 2006. He is one of the most well-known contemporary artists from Tel Aviv. His projects respond not only to the transformation of the city and urbanisation, but also to social and personal issues.

His most well-known symbol is a plaster. The importance of individual plasters varies by location: they may come in the form of giant animals or be signs and symbols which fit with the shape of the building, or which are reminiscent of places which do not exist anymore. His works can be viewed at galleries, exhibition spaces, various art events and mostly in the streets of art capitals around the world, such as London, New York, Berlin and Tel Aviv.

Nitzan Mintz is an Israeli artist and poet who studied at the Department of Fine Art and the Department of Creative Writing at Minshar College and at the Helicon School of Creative Writing, Tel Aviv. Like Dede, she works predominantly in public spaces; especially in southern Tel Aviv, in locations known for prostitution and criminality. Her poems are personal but also activist; they are written due to her personal desire to put mental processes into words. The locations she chooses for her work within the urban landscape gives them social and political significance.

Mintz has showcased her works in galleries, art spaces and events in Israel and abroad such as: Wilton’s Hall, London; NEUROTITAN Gallery; Berlin; Sweater Gallery, Yekaterinburg, Russia; Nahum Gutman Museum, Tel Aviv; Janco-Dada Museum, Ein-Hod Artist Village; Ilana Gur Museum, Jaffa; and Fresh Paint Art Fair for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv.



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